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Today was our first full day in Kenya and it’s been a roller coaster! We visited the equator, met Justus who’s guest house we are staying in and have been jumping at every opportunity we have to hold someone’s baby. There are so many babies here. We’ve run into a bit of a road block in that the container that we shipped with all our workbooks and diva cups and food and sleeping bags and pillows in April, has not arrived. Our first workshop is scheduled for Monday and we are hoping to get everything that we shipped by Wednesday. I can’t lie, I was really really upset about this. The team and I have shuffled things around are going to run a version of the workshop with no books and no cups (with the understanding that the girls will come and collect them once they arrive) but it’s still devastating that so much of what we planned is not going to happen in the way we planned it. Caroline reminded us today though that in our last Moon Mail all of us expressed that our main goal for these girls is to foster a sense of community among each other, and all you need to do that is each other. Sam brought a guitar with her and we’ve been singing and writing songs and that’s been so calming and uniting for us as a team. I think as long as we continue to communicate how we’re feeling to each other, and remember to sing everyday, we’re going to be just fine.

This jet lag is NO JOKE. We’ve all been doing our best to stay awake until it’s actually night time but four o’clock comes around and its lights out for at least half of us.

Also I walked into a pole and almost broke my nose which was not so fun and I have a red mark on my face now which I like because it validates the pain.

Today we had lunch at a restaurant called “Tutti’s” and I odd’s Caroline to eat a fish eye and she did it. She said it tasted like the sea.

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