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Our Mandate

Diva Day empowers women’s education by providing its community with the platform and tools to foster agency over their bodies, voices, and stories.

Our Mission

Diva Day keeps Kenyan girls in school by providing them with DivaCups and Diva Day Handbooks, ensuring no day of class will be missed due to menstruation. When we partner with a school in Kenya, we facilitate an empowerment workshop that includes visual arts, song, and interactive activities exploring female anatomy and the menstrual cycle. In Canada we produce a variety of arts-based events to amplify gender-marginalized voices, with all proceeds going towards the empowerment of women’s education in Kenya. We use the community-creating spaces of art and theatre to directly feed into the tangible change we wish to make in the world.

We seek to normalize and celebrate every aspect of the female experience.

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Our Story

Founder Malindi Ayienga was born and raised in Canada by a Canadian mom and a Kenyan dad. In 2017, Malindi’s dad brought back photos from his most recent trip home to Kenya. One of the photos he shared from a school he visited featured female students sitting at the back of the classroom on a bench covered in sand. These girls were menstruating, and did not have the means necessary to take care of their bodies. It is not uncommon for menstruating girls in Kenya to free bleed onto sand all day, just to ensure that they can be in class. More often than not though, students who do not have access to pads or tampons stay home from school completely while they’re on their periods. Malindi had just started using the DivaCup herself and recognized how liberated and comfortable she felt when using it during her period. She wanted the girls in Kenya to know comfort and freedom while menstruating too. When her dad told her he was going back to Kenya that summer to visit family and friends, she insisted she come along with as many DivaCups as she could buy. She filmed a YouTube video asking friends and family for any financial support they could offer and thanks to their generosity, raised over $5,000 to purchase the cups.

After the first Diva Day in Kenya, it became clear that there was not only a need for DivaCups, but for menstrual health education and self-esteem workshops to eliminate the shame that comes along with being denied access to education based on gender. Since 2017, Diva Day has grown into an international community of people supporting women. Malindi and the phenomenal humans she asked to be a part of Diva Day’s creative team are all trained artists striving to bridge the gap between creative expression and tangible change. Malindi recognized that the passion she has for art and the compassion she has for people was fostered not just in her loving family, but in her chosen family of artists. These were the people who fostered a space of love and support that helped her find her voice. Diva Day seeks to create that same platform for women all over the world to discover what they have to say and it all starts with access to education.

Empowered women empower women.

Acknowledgement of Diverse Identities


Diva Day acknowledges the vast and brilliant spectrum of bodies and gender identities that exist within its community, including cis women, persons of indigenous gender, trans women and non-binary/genderfluid folx. Our use of the phrase “phenomenal womanhood” seeks to encompass all of these identities along the spectrum. We acknowledge that menstruation is not an inherently female experience.

Some of the spaces and communities we work in adhere to a gender binary belief system in which women are not equal. In order to reach the marginalized folx in these communities, it is important for us to meet them where they’re at. The normalization of womanhood as personhood is our first step in sharing these truths.


Our Workshops

Malindi, center, Kaisha Ayienga, right, and Mercy, left.

Malindi, center, Kaisha Ayienga, right, and Mercy, left.

The Very First Diva Day!
July 3rd, 2017

For the inaugural Diva Day, Founder and President Malindi Ayienga brought 170 menstrual cups to the Butere Girls High School in Butere, Kenya. Thanks to the generous donations of Diva Day supporters, we were able to raise over $5,000 to help keep girls in class and ensure they have a fighting chance at a bright future.

Diva Day 2019
July 24th-August 30, 2019

The Diva Day 2019 Team brought 1000 DivaCups to western Kenya and facilitated 11 workshops on menstrual health, self-care, and female empowerment ensuring no day of school will be missed due to menstruation! .


Our Fundraising Season

As artists, we at Diva Day are negotiating how to use the art forms we love to make tangible change in a world that desperately needs it. We fund raise for our Diva Day workshops through live theatre: shows, cabarets, concerts, commissions, and more. This allows us to share stories of phenomenal womanhood, while raising the funds to provide the tangible means (a DivaCup!) to allow a young girl the chance to continue her education while on her period. Our voices directly impact the voice of girls halfway around the world.

The future is female.


Upcoming Events


Diva Day’s 2019/2020 fundraising season will be announced soon!


Past Events


Our Blood

“Menstruation is the only blood that is not born of violence, yet it’s the one that disgusts you the most.” -Maia Schwartz Lozada

A performance art piece created by Caroline Burton in which our audience was invited to bear witness to live, menstruating bodies.

May 20th, 2019 / 1-4PM / Toronto Media Arts Centre (Toronto, ON)

Diva Day Cabaret 2019

The second annual Diva Day Cabaret hosted at Sheridan College featuring over 50 female artists and theatre technicians. This incredible team of phenomenal women raised their voices, and over $2,000 to support Diva Day 2019.

April 25, 2019 / 7:30PM / MacDonald-Heaslip Hall (Oakville, ON)


Her Sound

Her Sound by Ethan Carlson is a new song cycle that re-imagines the ancient stories of women in a contemporary context: what could their stories really have been? A cast and band of 17 female-identifying artists brought this gorgeous score to life for its Canadian premiere, raising over $3,700 for Diva Day 2019.

January 13-14, 2019 / 7:30PM / Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Toronto, ON)


Check In

The Diva Day 2019 Team came together for an intimate night of song at Burdock Music Hall and checked in with themselves and their community, opening their hearts here in Canada before flying across the world and asking the girls in Kenya to do the same.

December 17, 2018 / 6PM / Burdock Music Hall (Toronto, ON)


The Days Ahead: A Diva Day Cabaret

What happens when women rally together to support other women? Magic. That’s what happens. 

Some phenomenal female-identifying artists from across Prince Edward Island — and the nation — came together for an incredible night of song, dance, and music, raising over $4,500 for Diva Day 2019!

August 10, 2018 / 7:30PM / The Guild (Charlottetown, PE)


Diva Day Cabaret 2018

On April 26, 2018, a team of over 50 artists, performers, and technicians alike gathered to put on a cabaret to raise funds for Diva Day 2019. There was music, dance, spoken word poetry, and over $5,000 raised.

April 26, 2018 / 7:30PM / MacDonald-Heaslip Hall (Oakville, ON)


The Divas Behind the Day

Meet the Creative Team.

Founder, Director, Director of Social Media

Founder, Director, Director of Social Media

Malindi Ayienga

Creative Associate

Creative Associate

Caroline Burton

Communications Director

Communications Director

Melissa MacKenzie

Director of Visual Media

Director of Visual Media

Kaisha Ayienga

Creative Associate

Creative Associate

Braeden Soltys

Director of Finance

Director of Finance

Sam Bourque

Third Party Event Liason

Third Party Event Liason

Sierra Holder

Creative Associate

Creative Associate

Charlotte Williams

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